Pool Void Covers

Pool Void Cover Hire

Protect your investment and meet builder OH&S requirements

Depending on the size of the building block sometimes the pool must be installed prior to house construction commencing. When it comes to fibreglass pools this also means the pool must be immediately filled with water in order to settle and hold the shell to the ground. Due to hazards and risks both to construction workers on site as well as your new pool, a higher level of protection may be required. In some instances the builder may insist on a construction pool cover to close the void and protect from falls and drowning hazards (this is in addition to the temporary pool fence).

New home construction can be stopped until these measures are in place. To avoid delay it is important to book this installation to immediately follow pool installation.

Pool construction covers can be great peace of mind knowing your new pool investment is protected while workers are on site.

Pool Construction Covers can help protect your pool from:

  • Damage
  • Site debris
  • Construction rubbish
  • Excessive dust
  • Evaporation
  • Direct sunshine

Suitable for concrete and fibreglass pools.

IMPORTANT: Our standard pool construction covers are NOT designed to be a working platform or to hold weight. They are designed to protect the pool and to meet building company OH&S requirements for hazard protection from falls and drowning. If you require a load capacity for construction purposes please call us to discuss – increased load support systems can be arranged. We can also adapt our covers to work around scaffolding systems.

We offer HIGHLY COMPETITIVE rates and SUPER SPEEDY install timeframes.

Additional Services

Upon request we also offer the following complimentary services:

Form 15

Some builders will require a Form 15 to be supplied with your void cover. This is a safety assurance covering material use and construction methods that meet building regulations. All pool construction covers are built to this same code regardless of whether your builder needs this form or not. To request a copy please let us know prior, during or after install.

Enclosing the sides

When requested we can adapt our pool construction covers to be enclosed on all sides. This allows the removal of temporary pool fencing (if your builder will allow it). This is commonly found on tight construction sites where access would otherwise be blocked.

To request this addition you must advise us prior to install – requests to add after installation will attract a fee to revisit the site and add the extra materials to the cover.


Our team will install and build the pool void cover typically in 1-2 days depending on size and site accessibility.

The standard hire period allows for up to 6 months of usage at which point you can choose to extend hire by the day or in 1, 3 or 6 month blocks. When you no longer need your cover please contact us to book in a removal date.

We suggest keeping your cover removal close to the filter installation date if you have water in your pool already as being open to the elements will quickly impact the water quality.

Size Guide

Common Sizes

  • 6m x 3m
  • 7m x 3m
  • 8m x 3m
  • 6m x 4m
  • 7m x 4m
  • 8m x 4m

These sizes are our most common requests. Custom void cover sizes are also available. Hire period can be extended upon request, contact us for pricing (phone us for a quick quote).

Pool Construction Covers include installation, allowance for up to 6 month hire period or extended hire periods and removal upon your project completion.

Service regions include Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane and Tweed Coast.

Service Locations

We service from Brisbane, Logan City and Ipswich to Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and Northern Rivers. Popular new estates and suburbs we often service include:

  • Upper Kedron
  • Springfield Lakes
  • Rochedale Estates
  • Pimpama
  • Gainsborough Greens
  • Ormeau Ridge Estate
  • Coomera / Upper Coomera
  • Calypso Bay
  • Highland Reserve
  • Riverstone Crossing
  • Augustine Heights
  • Pallara

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