Do you need a pool cover during home construction/building a house? (Brisbane / Gold Coast)

Do you need a pool cover during home construction/building a house? (Brisbane / Gold Coast)

Recently the demand for pool covers during house builds has increased due to OH&S requirements from builders. The safety of their workers, especially at a height above a pool shell is paramount and a hard cover over the void is required.

Common information we require in order to quote for a pool cover includes:

  • Size of your pool – width and length
  • Type of pool – concrete or fibreglass
  • Your location – Sorry, we do only service Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast and Tweed Coast – while we have quite a lot of requests to service Sydney it is a little too far away for our liking!
  • Duration of hire – standard hire allowance is up to 6 months – we can extend hire period for a reasonable cost if required, some builds run to the 3-4 month mark whilst others can span over 12 months.
  • Does the pool temporary fencing need to come off during the construction period? – In some instances builders have requested the pool cover meets void protection and pool safety requirements due to narrow or tight work sites.
  • Does your builder require a Form 15? – If you are building with companies like Metricon, Plantation and Clarendon Homes you will need a Form 15 to go with your pool cover. Check with your builder to see if you require this aspect as well. While all of our pool void covers meet form 15 compliance some builders need the certification paperwork to go with it.
  • When do you need the cover installed? We require a minimum of 2 days notice to book installation. Quite often covers are a last minute thought and request from builders and can hold up house construction until it is installed. We appreciate time is of the essence and aim to install as quickly as possible.

Our pool covers not only meet OH&S requirements but they also protect your investment once your pool is installed.

To request a quote please contact Leigh on 0450 929 591 or email