Protect your pool while building your new home

Protect your pool while building your new home

Protect your pool investment during building construction with our Pool Construction Covers

Depending on the size of the building block sometimes the pool must be installed prior to house construction commencing. When it comes to fibreglass pools this also means the pool must be immediately filled with water in order to settle and hold the shell to the ground.

Due to hazards and risks both to construction workers on site as well as your new pool, a higher level of protection may be required.

Pool construction covers can be great peace of mind knowing your new pool investment is protected from site debris, construction rubbish, excessive dust, evaporation and direct sunshine which can quickly turn stagnant water green. Suitable for concrete and fibreglass pools.

In some instances the builder may insist on a construction pool cover to close the void and protect from falls and drowning hazards (this is in addition to the temporary pool fence). New home construction can be stopped until these measures are in place. To avoid delay it is important to book this installation to immediately follow pool installation.

For an additional charge we can also adapt Pool Construction Covers to be used without temporary pool fencing (if your builder will allow it).

Install, 6 month hire period* and removal

Phone for SAME DAY pricing.

IMPORTANT: Our standard pool construction covers are NOT designed to be a working platform or to hold weight. They are designed to protect the pool and to meet building company OH&S requirements for hazard protection from falls and drowning. If you require a working platform please let us know so we can adjust the structure to become load bearing and quote to reflect these requirements.